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Welcome to the Classical Symphonies Wiki

Classical Symphonies is a wiki for and about classical music, both canon (in production) and fanon (production in progress) works. The wiki also provides a repository for schools and universities that perform symphonic works.
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Basic Jurisdiction of this Wiki

On this site, you will have access to different information on the subject of classical symphonic presentations. It should be established that there is a difference between Symphonies and Operas. A symphony is a production of musical nature that is pure and without the presence of the human element, while an opera may contain both musical instruments and one or more human voices.

Repertories & Regimens

Classical Symphonies Wiki also hosts an exclusive transcribe of themes and types of productions that spectators and seasoned symphony subscribers may select from:


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Academic & Professional Resources

This section of the site provides information for students and professionals seeking resources for symphony-related topics. Such information may include statistics, employment data, lesson books, performer profiles, auditorium capacities, training and social demographics.

Newsfeeds & RSS Releases

This section is for our exclusive RSS feeds to other symphony-related sites which make periodic press releases concerning both independent and major symphony music labels. This list may include university orchestras, municipal and private/non-profit organization productions.

Downloads & Redistributables

In this section, you will be able to participate in our Downloads & Redistributables project, which allows an exchange of various media between our members. There may be symphony-related music, images, videos and other re-distributable material and content from members such as yourself.

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